Cider is for Everyone – Statement of intent: equality, diversity and inclusion.


Cider is for Everyone. We recognise at the TCCPA that we must be more active in promoting that simple truth. Early this year it was agreed at committee and at our 2021 AGM that the association would introduce a statement of intent to improve equality, diversity and inclusion within the cider community. Our new policy in full is reproduced below. We have also agreed at committee level to explore options where we can use our funds to help us achieve these goals and to help reach diverse groups of people that cider currently does not connect with. The committee is grateul to Elizabeth Pimblett for leading the crafting of our policy below, and for Tom Oliver for first prompting the committee to start work on this issue.

Statement of intent: equality, diversity and inclusion.

The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association’s membership is made up of largely rural small businesses and independent makers.

We commit to working together to create a welcoming space for under-represented groups either as drinkers, makers, writers, promoters and more.

We commit to engaging with those others working to make the alcohol industry inclusive, to enable us to offer opportunities, support and encouragement and to broaden the appeal of cider beyond its traditional white, male and rural base. Historically a rural craft, cider does not reflect the diversity found in modern Britain. We recognise that, and wish to be pro-active in change.

The cider community has been described as a broadly welcoming one once someone has the courage to ‘open the door’. We aim to make it so that such courage is not necessary, that we can all feel the cider world is for us. As such we will seek to recognize and reduce, then remove barriers to participation.

The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association will not have all the answers and we acknowledge that we may sometimes not get it right, but we are open to criticism, further discussion and can learn much from others. We are grateful for the efforts that have already been made and continue to be made by others in the field. We aim to treat all with respect and fairness, to enable people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs to achieve their potential and to feel a welcome part of the cider community.

Aims and objectives:

  • Engagement, representation and inclusion will be topics we will have a regular agenda items on the committee agenda for reporting and discussion.
  • We will propose new ideas for engagement and support such as education bursaries, supported internships, inviting experts to have a place at forums, taking cider out into cities where there may be little current interest in or understanding of cider, supporting the idea of community orchards.
  • We will adopt CAMRA’s stance on marketing of beer and cider: ‘We believe that beers and ciders should not have offensive or discriminatory names, packaging or advertising materials. We do not support the sale of such products in pubs, clubs, or beer festivals.’
  • We will keep our awareness of best practice fresh and will collaborate with those who advocate ‘best practice strategies for challenging the inequalities in gender, ethnicity, sexuality and disability that currently exist’, supporting the Everyone Welcome Initiative [quote from CIFA’s Equality and Diversity Group, not an alcohol industry body]
  • Consequently we will make formal links with groups advocating or providing a platform for equality, diversity and inclusion in the alcohol industry e.g Cider Women, the Burum Collective and where there are none yet, be aware of similar organisations elsewhere.
  • We will look critically at our past history to be more aware in future, acknowledging too unconscious bias.
  • When in a position of employing others, we aim be open to recruitment which addresses lack of previous experience creatively.
  • We will recommend new initiatives to our members. Behaviour which goes against the general principles we have stated above will be considered to be detrimental to the reputation of the Association.
  • We will advocate recommendations for access, building on the Equality Act 2010, to make it easier for those with physical restrictions to visit cideries as far as is reasonably possible, consulting appropriate community groups when applicable.

References: A group of brewers coming together to work on equality, diversity and inclusion. Clear and effective. Melissa Cole’s excellent guidelines for inclusive drinking spaces Networking and community blog space for the beer, wine and cider industries. Really useful articles and views.

Equality and Equity Policy — Cloudwater Brew Co Their policy for employment and opportunities – currently hosting ‘Wayfinder’ internship/consultancies, first Lily Waite and currently Helen Anne Smith

Anti-Racism, Equity & Inclusion – American Cider Association  thought-provoking resources including anti-racism newsletter. Breaking new ground, dealing with a loaded history of slavery and oppression in historic cidermaking and the role of ‘heritage’, in a way we do not have but need to be aware of potential links e.g the Bristol trade in sugar, slaves and cider or the gentry landowners who made money from the slave trade and used it to enrich their estates where they also made cider.