Perry: A Drinker’s Guide UK Book Tour Announced

Perry A Drinker's Guide Author

Cider Communicator of the Year Adam Wells is delighted to announce a UK-wide tour for his world-first debut book, Perry: A Drinker’s Guide

Published in May by CAMRA Books following a kickstarter campaign that met its ambitious target in under 10 hours, this is the first book ever to offer the drinker a dedicated guide to one of the world’s rarest, most precious and most delicious drinks.

Covering history, orchards, pear varieties, making, styles, appreciation, food-matching, countries, regions, producers and more, Perry: A Drinker’s Guide is a comprehensive international celebration of perry.

It is currently available from CAMRA Books for £17.99 as well as all good online bookshops.

A UK-wide tasting tour from Exeter to Anstruther

After a sell-out launch event at The Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow, run by Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Company and having been excitedly received by perry lovers and new drinkers alike, Perry: A Drinker’s Guide is now launching a UK-wide tour to share the good news of perry at a host of the
country’s very best cider and perry venues.

Taking in towns and cities including Cardiff, Manchester, London, Anstruther, Exeter, Durham and more, the tour is a true reflection of the nationwide cider and perry renaissance of the last few years.

What’s more, every event on the book tour features an accompanying tasting of some of the best British and international perries available.

A full list of current venues on the tour is available below, and on the attached poster by Helen Anne Smith, who was also primary photographer on the book.

Author Adam Wells said: ‘I cannot wait to share Perry: A Drinker’s Guide at some of the country’s most iconic, pioneering and important cider and perry venues.

‘The likes of Manchester Cider Club, Aeble, The Station House and The Hop Inn have not only been inspirations to my own journey through cider and perry, but national champions and standard-bearers who have driven the remarkable surge in awareness and popularity of aspirational cider and perry.

‘The opportunity to also share Perry: A Drinker’s Guide at the homes of producers like Ross-on-Wye, Artistraw, Little Pomona and Burrow Hill is doubly special.

‘Wherever you live in the UK, great, full-juice perry has never been easier to access than it is today. I’m so pleased that both Perry: A Drinker’s Guide, and this nationwide tour reflect that.’

Tour dates and venues

3rd May – The Yew Tree, Ross-on-Wye

5th May – The Big Apple, Much Marcle

22nd May – The Station House, Durham

26th May (afternoon) – Artistraw Cider, Hay-on-Wye

26th May (evening) – The Castle Tap, Reading

29th May – The Miller, London (CAMRA Books main launch event)

30th May – Royal Bath & West, Shepton Mallet

1st June – Burrow Hill, Somerset

11th June – By The Glass, Bacareto, Cardiff

22nd June – Little Pomona, Bromyard

4th July – Pullo, Exeter

10th July – Chester Cider Club, Chester

20th July – Aeble, Anstruther

8th August – Manchester Cider Club, Manchester

1st September – Hereford Beer House, Hereford

12th September – Bristol Cider Club, Bristol

26th September – London Cider Club, London

For tickets or more details contact the listed venues or

If you would like to add your venue to the tour, email to discuss dates.

About the author

Adam Wells is an award-winning drinks writer, presenter and competition judge. Founder and lead writer of Cider Review, the world’s largest source of long-form articles on and reviews of cider and perry, he has also written for Pellicle, Malus, and more. He also co-presents the popular Cider Voice podcast and is Chair of the International Cider Challenge.

Nominated for the Fortnum & Mason Drinks Writer of the Year two years running, he is the current holder of Cider Communicator of the Year from the British Guild of Beer Writers. Perry: A Drinker’s Guide is his first book.

Praise for Perry: A Drinker’s Guide

‘Perry is magic. It just needs a magician to make it and a conjuror to write about it. Adam Wells has done us proud. Comprehensive, wide ranging and eminently readable.’ James Crowden, author of ‘Cider Country’.

‘Not only is Adam Wells one of the great drinks writers, he is an even greater evangelist for cider and perry. His book ‘Perry: A Drinkers’ Guide should be renamed Perry: The Bible because within its pages is enlightenment about an overlooked, under-appreciated, and misunderstood alcoholic drink. Adam’s book covers the subject in depth with such beautiful writing. It is a love letter to perry and everyone who appreciates ‘real’ alcoholic drinks should buy and read it.’ Jane Peyton, School of Booze.

‘This is a book that should have been written before now. Wells writes vividly on the subject with deep knowledge and affection. It’s no easy task to make a passage on pear varieties and their flavours engaging, but he not only manages this but makes it look easy. I am convinced more people would love perry if only they knew about it. This wonderful book will go a long way towards making that happen.’ Anthony Gladman, drinks writer and author of ‘Gin A Tasting Course’.

‘It’s perfect, all of Adam’s passion and considered objective view comes through. It’s serious but also happy and encouraging. I had no idea it was going to cover so much ground. A book many will read and come back to over and over again for many years, from inquisitive drinker to wannabe Perry maker. The photos are also outstanding.’ James Finch, The Cider Critic.

‘Perry: A Drinker’s Guide is not only a great-looking addition to your cider bookshelf. It is a well-written, intelligible and comprehensive source of information about the fascinating world of perry. Everything one should now about perry can be found in that book. While reading, I didn’t have a feeling that I was going through a textbook. It was more like listening to a good and knowledgable friend telling fascinating stories about perry but in a more structured way. I might have a reputation of being a harsh critic but there is nothing to criticise about Adam’s perry guide. Adam covered all the most important topics about perry and the amount of information shared is just perfect. And, since Adam’s passion for perry is contagious, be aware that you may want to grab a bottle of perry
while reading. Well done, Adam!’ Natalia Wszelaki, Cider Explorer.

‘If you want to know about Britain’s most exciting drink that you’ve probably never tasted, then you should read Wells’s book. Every chapter contains something surprising.’ Henry Jeffreys, award-winning drinks writer and author.