For 36 years it has been our privilege to supply cider and perry makers with carefully selected processing and packaging equipment from renowned manufacturers including Voran, Speidel, CIMEC, Malek Brautech, Quantor Kreyer, and Technibag.

Our range includes everything required for pressing, fermentation, filtration, carbonation, temperature control, canning, kegging, and bag-in-box packaging, all backed up by our team of multi-skilled engineers. We also supply a range of treatments and additives (yeasts, keeving kits, sodium met), consumables (caps, corks, bag-in-boxes, filter sheets), hose fittings, airlocks and pressing sundries all available to order online.

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At Lallemand we apply our passion for innovation , maximize our skill in production and share our expertise, to select and develop natural microbiological solutions. Dedicated to the individuality of your cider, we support your originality, and we cultivate our own.
The Startup Organic Tools from Austria is developing down-to-earth innovations for great smallholders.

Obstraupe is an efficient battery-driven tool for ground harvesting in a smooth way, which is also kind to the back. Pears, apples, apricots or nuts are picked up quickly without fruit damage directly into trays with a harvesting capacity up to 1 t/h. The lightweight tool is easy to transport and allows a high flexibility in harvesting.  A brush curtain cleans out leaves and grass residues. Fruit orchards are paved with gold. With Obstraupe you can pick up your golden fruits with ease.

Marches Bottling and Packaging is a business with many years’ experience in the drinks manufacturing and packaging industry. We have a highly qualified and experienced workforce and are able to respond quickly and efficiently. Runs start at 1000 litres. A variety of products can be packed into various formats – steel kegs in 30 litre and 50 litre, one way 20 litre and 30 litre kegs ,20,10,5 and 3 litre BiBs, 330ml cans, and 330ml and 500ml bottles.

Part of the seven-strong Warwickshire College Group, Pershore College has been offering business support services to the cider industry since the early 1990s. Initially funded by Advantage West Midlands to provide a hub where producers of smaller batches of cider can get access to bottling services that utilise cross flow filtering, carbonation & pasteurisation. We offer a wide range of options from simply still, unfiltered bottling done in a food grade premises. The aim is to offer services that act as a stepping stone into the industry, to test concept and to give potential new producers the business confidence to then step up to the next level.

Vitikit supply cider making and apple processing equipment for all sizes of producers throughout the UK. Products include, apple processing equipment, apple pressing, fermentation and storage tanks, pumps, filtering, bottling, corking & capping machines. Many general consumables in stock including corks, caps, hose, filters and fittings. We also have demonstration machines available such as a crossflow filter.

Please call for details 01392 873054. www.vitikit.com

Rawlings is the leading, independent packaging specialist supplying bottles and decoration of all types to the UK Cider Industry.

With the widest range of cider bottles from stock and our expertise in delivering bespoke solutions, we have an exceptional reputation for creating the best possible packaging for our client’s brands.

CS Labels is an award-winning digital label manufacturer specialising in delivering exceptional labels, specifically in the beer, cider and spirits market. 

Specialist Apple Tree Nursery producing full-standard (M25) orchard trees, predominantly from traditional west-country heritage varieties. Supplied bare-root January – March, posts, guards, ties & delivery available. Discuss orders, planting, budding/grafting requests.