Regional Cider Associations Unite to Call for Action


The Three Counties Cider & Perry Association joined with the South West of England Cider Association and the Welsh Perry & Cider Society on 17 March to call on the NACM to act on behalf of all their members in the wake of Covid-19.

“We are particularly reliant on the hospitality and events industry and we have already seen an immediate reduction in orders over the past couple of days,” said Simon Day, chair of Three Counties Cider & Perry Association.

The Associations urged the NACM to work with other drinks industry bodies in addition to offering insight from their members.

The Statement reads:

Business threats to cider industry from Covid-19 virus fall-out

With an expectation that the hospitality sector will effectively be shut down, whether through individual consumer choice or regulation, the Three Counties Cider & Perry Association, South West of England Cider Association and the Welsh Perry & Cider Society call on the NACM to exert pressure on the Government to act to mitigate the effects of the expected major downturn in business.

The effect of the virus and the relevant control measures will starve businesses of cash and will inevitably lead to redundancies and business failures unless support can be provided as a matter of urgency.

The TCCPA therefore calls for alcohol duty and VAT to be suspended for a three-month period on the announcement of such measures, reviewable monthly thereafter, in order for businesses to adjust to a changing trading landscape.

For all businesses, including those that are duty-exempt, we request that as many ways can be found to ensure the survival of viable enterprises.

We would expect the NACM to collaborate with other drinks trade organisations like WineGB, WSTA, SIBA, BBPA etc to represent the industry as a whole, and to agree a set of business survival measures that are practical and which minimise the harm.

We would ask that these be presented to Government immediately, no later than by Friday 20th March, so that our interests are best served.

Simon Day
Chair, Three Counties Cider & Perry Association

Joe Hartle
Chair, South West of England Cider Association

Chris Charters
Chair, Welsh Perry and Cider Society